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Fred Again.. To Hit Perth For Another Surprise Show

26 March 2024 | 12:36 am | Stephen Green

Just when you thought he was done with Australia....

Fred again..

Fred again.. (Supplied)

More Fred Again.. More Fred Again..

Fred again.. caused one of the biggest stirs in Australian live music history this month, proving that you can sell out venues in just days, performing everywhere from tiny venues like Club 77 and Revolver to three arena shows each in Sydney and Melbourne with just an Instagram post as marketing.

He sold over 100,000 tickets before heading across the Tasman to do it all again in New Zealand, where he’s currently doing two shows this week at Auckland’s Spark Arena after a pop-up at Wellington’s Waitangi Park on Friday.

But never fear— it looks like he’s not quite done with Australia just yet, with a massive outdoor event about to be announced for March 30 in Perth. According to Perth Now, promoter TEG Live notified residents near Langley Park of a “single-stage music event” to be held on Saturday, including noise and traffic management of the site, which is expected to hold 35,000 fans.

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The artist’s identity was not confirmed, but given the last-minute nature of the event, timing just three days after his final (confirmed) New Zealand date and a leaked (but unconfirmed) schedule showing the DJ flying to Perth on March 28, that it’s Fred is a near certainty. Last week, Perth signups to the Fred again.. WhatsApp also received a cryptic message, leading fans to expect the show’s announcement in the next few days.

Fred again.. does it again. Again. This morning, the madman dropped a surprise set at @Revolver Upstairs at 9am this morning 👀 🔥 stay tined for another surprise set tonight, melbourne 🎉 #fredagainmelbourne #fredagainaustralia #fredagainaustour #fredagainlive

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Reviewing Fred’s first show in Sydney on March 12, Jessica Lynch wrote for Purple Sneakers: “More than just playing the hits, what's most impressive about Fred again..’s live performance is his ability to curate a unique, free-flowing experience catered to the vibe of each individual crowd. He's not just performing – he's conducting an emotional journey, one that left Sydney fans walking away counting down until the next time they could do it all over again.”

Fred again.. has proven that you can sell out arenas without radio airplay, without traditional advertising and simply cultivating one on one connections with fans. By breaking all the rules, Fred has rewritten them and taken a whole generation with him.

And it looks like the rules will be broken again in the West this Saturday.