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Every Pop-Up Show Fred Again.. Has Done On His 2024 Australian Tour (So Far..)

11 March 2024 | 10:30 am | Jessie Lynch

Fred again.. currently has the country in a chokehold - and he's showing no signs of slowing down.

Fred again..

Fred again.. (Supplied)

More Fred Again.. More Fred Again..

The one and only Fred again.. has well and truly been tearing up Australia on his whirlwind 2024 tour, dishing out intimate surprise pop-up shows left and right to the delight of his hungry fan base.

Fresh off announcing his highly anticipated tour Down Under last week (Feb. 28), the groundbreaking musician and viral sensation hit the ground running with a string of unannounced gigs that have set the tone for an unforgettable run.

With plenty more surprises set to come (with whispers including more tour dates across the country to be announced), stay tapped into Purple Sneakers here and via our TikTok for all the latest updates on Fred again..'s insane Aussie antics as they unfold — we’ll be doing our best to keep up!

Sydney Opera House - Feb. 27

It all started at the iconic Sydney Opera House on February 27th, where the groundbreaking musician and viral sensation shocked Aussie fans by announcing he was not only in the country — he was gearing up to play a show at the famous Sydney venue that evening.

The gig went ahead with under twelve hours’ notice and sold out in three hours. However, the ticketing platform was crashing, informing fans that tickets had already been allocated quickly. At one point, over 120,000 people were trying to buy tickets to the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, which holds approximately 2,600 people.

The Sydney Opera House has likely never seen so many people dance and jump simultaneously. Social media reports saw fans admit that they’re not sure how they scored tickets to the hottest gig of the summer, but they’re pretty damn thankful to have the venue turned into “our very own Boiler Room”.

However, that was merely just a hint of the pandemonium to come.

Just a day later, Fred revealed details for his long-awaited 2024 Australian tour, instantly selling a staggering 100,000 tickets (and counting) across multiple cities in less than an hour after each city’s release.

FRED AGAIN ANNOUNCES OPERA HOUSE POP UP SHOW TONIGHT 🔥 tickets are on sale now so GO GO GO to the opera house website rn! #fredagainaustralia #fredagainlive #fredagainagainagainagainagain

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Club 77, Sydney - Feb. 29

The puppet master again sent Sydney into a frenzy a few days later by throwing a last-minute pop-up show in Sydney’s favourite rave cave, Club 77.

It seemed that the chaos that had taken place earlier in the week was not enough for the cheeky muso, who revealed the news and a ticket link just hours before the event kicked off at the legendary Darlinghurst haunt at around 8:30 on the Thursday night (Feb. 29).

Videos quickly began circulating of punters lining up down William Street ahead of the show, and Fred’s performance in the iconic 200-person capacity venue giving those lucky enough to have nabbed a highly sought-after ticket an up close and personal experience with the adore u hitmaker.

Fred again.. has done it again 👀 the cryptic madman has popped up at sydneys iconic @Club 77 for a surprise show 👀🔥🔥🔥 #fredagainaustralia #fredagainagainagain #fredagainsydney #fredagainlive #club77

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Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne - Mar. 2

But Fred wasn’t done with the shenanigans — not even close.

In a streak of impromptu parties that would make anyone else collapse from exhaustion, the man then rocked up at Melbourne venue Revolver Upstairs at 9am on Saturday, March 2, for a breakfast set that had fans flocking down Chapel Street in an attempt to make it in time for the first-come-first-serve breaky set.

The chaos began just two hours prior at 7 am, when Fred posted that there wasn’t much open that early in Melbourne before sharing a teaser on his Stories, writing: “One place is open”.

That Instagram Story and discussions by the detectives in the artist’s Discord server led fans to Revs. He then shared clips of fans going certifiably wild reacting to his secret set.

Fred again.. does it again. Again. This morning, the madman dropped a surprise set at @Revolver Upstairs at 9am this morning 👀 🔥 stay tined for another surprise set tonight, melbourne 🎉 #fredagainmelbourne #fredagainaustralia #fredagainaustour #fredagainlive

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The Timber Yard, Melbourne - Mar. 2

The madman continued his chokehold over the city of Melbourne as he announced — just hours after his 9 am Revs set — that he would be doing yet another pop-up.

This time, it was an epic b2b set with Aussie-raised, France-based DJ Skin0nSkin that took place at Port Melbourne’s The Timber Yard for an insane performance that proved that the wildly talent muso shows no signs of slowing down throughout the rollercoaster that is his Australian tour.

Brunswick Heads, NSW - Mar. 15

In probably his most exciting pop-up to date, Fred again.. had Brunswick Head locals spilling out onto the streets and dancing on top of cars during a surprise show at Hotel Brunswick on Friday, March 8.

With tickets going on sale the day of the show both online and via a local record shop in Byron Bay for just $10, fans were ecstatic to learn that their ticket not only gave them an up-close-and-personal look at Fred again.. and Australia’s own Joy Anonymous — it was later announced the tickets would also give fans access to the Gold Coast show held at Doug Jennings Park the following day (March 9).

Who was lucky enough to get amongst the fun for @fredagainagainagainagainagain at Bruns Pub?! This looked INSANE 😭🔥👏 #fredagainbrunswick #fredagainlive #fredagainlive #fredagainaustralia

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Stay tuned as we continue to update this story as Fred again.. inevitably pops up around the country…