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Ethics & Editorial Policy

  1. SGC Media exists to amplify the stories of musicians and connect music to people’s lives. We are publications of record and reflect the music news, artists and trends of the day as well as championing new music with a focus on quality Australian artists

  2. We aim for honesty, fairness, independence, and respect for the rights of others in all of our coverage

  3. Our news reporting will be balanced and sourced, and opinion pieces will be chosen to add to debate or highlight different aspects of an issue rather than to create divides. While we may report on legitimate controversy, we are careful not to seek it, create it or fan it.

  4. Our publications hold zero tolerance for racism, sexism or homophobia. We will seek to cover female, LGBTQI+ and racially diverse artists and understand our role in actively amplifying their voices in order to begin the process of addressing historical, industrial and societal diversity deficiencies.  

  5. We create our own content and plagiarism is not tolerated. Sources will always be credited unless they request otherwise.

  6. Specific content provided by or created in direct editorial consultation with an advertiser will be tagged as sponsored content.  

  7. Factual errors will be immediately corrected with the story noting the error change.

  8. Images on our sites have been commissioned by us or have been provided to us by the relevant artist, recording or touring company. If you believe that an image you own may have been supplied to us in error or you wish to revoke our permission to use an image, please contact us at If you wish to utilise any of our stories or images for your own purposes, please contact us at that address for licencing details.