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Live Review: Fred Again.. @ Qudos Bank Arena

13 March 2024 | 1:07 pm | Jessie Lynch

From the moment he took the stage, Fred again.. had the sold-out arena of deliriously devoted fans eating out of the palm of his hand.

Fred again..

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The hype surrounding Fred again..'s whirlwind Australian tour has been reaching stratospheric levels, and after his mind-blowing performance at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney on Tuesday night (March 13), it's clear why he's the most talked about artist in the country right now.

Fresh off a streak of surprise pop-up gigs that had fans scrambling across Sydney and Melbourne, the producer proved he's more than just a flavour-of-the-month act. From the moment he took the stage, Fred again.. had the sold-out arena of deliriously devoted fans eating out of the palm of his hand.

The night kicked off with an epic, high-energy set from support act and Aussies JOY (ANONYMOUS), who set the crowd ablaze with excitement. JOY not only got the audience pumping but also made a surprise appearance later on as Big Hen joined Fred halfway through his set for an unforgettable collaboration that had the crowd going wild.

The producer, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and DJ’s penchant for not adhering to a static setlist only added to the excitement, keeping fans on their toes as they eagerly anticipated which hidden gems would be revealed next.

For Tuesday’s show, fans were lucky enough to catch hits such as Bleu (better with time), Danielle (smile on my face), Delilah (pull me out of this) and Billie (loving arms).

At one point, fans were also treated to an exclusive sneak peek into the artist's unreleased material he first debuted at the Sydney Opera House, during which he took to the piano, leading a heartwarming sing-along to the new track that left the audience in awe.

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The show’s energy hit fever pitch as the musical mastermind moved to the middle stage, where things went full-throttle as Fred delivered a strobe light-blitzed medley of Turn out the lights, Rumble, and leavemealone that had every person in the packed venue moving in euphoric unison.

In one of the night's most magical moments, Big Hen of JOY (ANONYMOUS) rejoined him onstage, the two friends and collaborators visibly feeding off each other's energy as they brought the house down together.

Of course, no Fred again.. show would be complete without an airing of his runaway viral smash adore u, which he saved for the delirious final throes.

More than just playing the hits, what's most impressive about Fred again.. live performance is his ability to curate a unique, free-flowing experience catered to the vibe of each individual crowd. He's not just performing - he's conducting an emotional journey, one that left Sydney fans walking away counting down until the next time they could do it all over again.

Check out Fred again..’s full set list for Sydney, March 13 below.