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Alison Wonderland Launches “Festival-Friendly” Cosmetic Line

18 May 2024 | 9:42 am | Emma Newbury

Alison Wonderland has created a unisex line of festival-friendly, colourful, glow-in-the-dark products.

Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland (Credit: Simply G)

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Renowned Australian DJ and producer Alexandra Sholler—better known as Alison Wonderland—has just created a new title for herself as a makeup entrepreneur, announcing the expansion of her festival-fanatic empire with a new beauty line to boot. 

Wonderland’s new brand FMU (F*ck Me Up) beauty takes its namesake from her merch line FMUOASL (F*ck Me Up On A Spiritual Level), as well as the producer’s record label FMU Records.

Staying on theme with her rave-starter spirit, Wonderland’s cosmetic line aims to create products that can withstand the intensity of a festival experience. Her three starter products also address the vibrant creativity that comes alight within festival and rave culture. All products in the line will be vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

“Festival-friendly multi-use products for everyone!” The DJ stated, excited for the launch. 

“I’ve been working on it for over two years and can’t believe this is real. All I have ever wanted has been to make life a little more fun for everyone around me.”

Wonderland also announced that she will be hosting a pop-up in Las Vegas to celebrate the launch. However, fans who are unable to make the launch can now access the website to purchase their goodies.

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While many artists are delving into the makeup industry—Rihanna is the figurehead behind Fenty Beauty, and Ariana Grande owns R.E.M Beauty—Alison Wonderland has decided to break the boundaries of conventional makeup by creating a unisex line full of colourful, glow-in-the-dark products.

One of her initial products is a Hyper Hue pH Lip/Cheek Tint that calibrates a colour suited to the individual’s features, similar to the viral Clinique Black Honey Lipstick that flooded TikTok earlier this year.

Another of the most anticipated products from this line is the UFO Body Art Stamp & Pen, designed to glow in the dark with fun prints of hearts, stars, and smileys.

It seems nobody is working as hard as Wonderland at the moment. The singer handles her three brands, launched her new musical alias, Whyte Fang, and played a set at Coachella in 2023. The singer also recently played a show in her home country with an exclusive gig at IVY in Sydney in late April.

The singer has also taken on the new role of mum, welcoming son Max into the world in June 2023. How she manages it all, we’ll never know. 

It seems that makeup has been of high importance for as long as music has for Wonderland, with the DJ stating: 

“Makeup is self-expression, and I have always done my own, even on shoots and videos. This is just the start…”