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Alison Wonderland On Her Whyte Fang Project, Coachella + The EDM Revival

8 June 2023 | 1:09 pm | Jessie Lynch

"I really feel like there's a big resurgence at the moment with electronic music. And it feels like it's coming back to the forefront again. It feels similar to when it was all happening in maybe 2013-2014."

Whyte Fang/Alison Wonderland

Whyte Fang/Alison Wonderland (Supplied)

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From Australia's EDM powerhouse to a soon-to-be mother with a new musical venture, Alison Wonderland (aka Alex Sholler) is a relentless force of nature. Now, she's unveiled her fresh alias, Whyte Fang, to the world, injecting a wave of excitement into the music industry.

However, Whyte Fang was not a spur-of-the-moment idea for the hitmaker. In fact, it predates her well-known stage name. 

Describing the project as a different world from Alison Wonderland, Alex told Purple Sneakers, "It should be in a different world, which it is." 

"I think with Alison it's also personal and I'm singing and it's a way more personal, creative approach, whereas [Whyte Fang] is just pure flow state and energy."

Sonically, Whyte Fang sees Sholler delve into a "darker and more industrial" side, as is evidenced by her debut album under Whyte Fang, GENESIS, which saw her collaborate with Flatbush Zombie's Erick the Architect for the track SCREAM.

"Erick the Architect is insane! He's one of my favourite people and one of my favourite artists. So I'm so glad that we got to do a track together. In fact, I want to do more with him. He's the best - 10 out of the 10!"

Even amid the hustle and bustle of preparing for motherhood, the hitmaker recently made an electrifying debut under her new moniker. Performing at the world-renowned Coachella festival (while eight months pregnant), she was an absolute spectacle, with her epic performance being one of the biggest highlights of the festival.

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"Coachella was crazy. Really crazy," she said. "I was so overwhelmed by the response. I was hoping that it would translate the vision I had. But it was such a strong vision and I think it translated exactly how I wanted it to."

"I actually couldn't see the crowd because I'm stuck in this box. Afterwards, I saw a drone shot and it was, overflowing and it was crazy. So from photos and video, I could tell it was a good response." 

"I also had a lot of artists reach out to me afterwards, that I didn't really expect to usually reach out to me and saying that they love the album and they love the project, and that always feels like great validation because they're really in the scene." 

It wasn't just fellow EDM legends who enjoyed the show - Alex added that her mum dived headfirst into the Coachella experience, while also meeting a few famous faces on the way.

"Oh my God, my mum was at Coachella more than anyone," she laughed. 

"I wasn't even on the grounds. And she was sending me videos hanging out with Halsey. And then the next minute my friend sees my mum backstage at Rae Sremmurd and she was tying up their shoelaces before their show.:

Her performance at Coachella seems to be the starting point of an exciting resurgence in EDM. 

As the highest spiking artist of the festival with a whopping 2000%+ increase in streams amid her performance, the Aussie DJ said that the popularity of the genre at the festival - including the hype around Skrillex, Four Tet and Fred Again..'s unforgettable closing performance at Coachella - was a sign that EDM is back in a big way.

"I really feel like there's a big resurgence at the moment with electronic music. And it feels like it's coming back to the forefront again," she mused. "It felt similar to when it was all happening in maybe 2013-2014. There's like a similar buzz. And it's so exciting for me, just to be in the scene and seeing this."

Between her immense dedication to her craft, releasing a new album, and performing a slew of shows while months pregnant, you might wonder whether one of Australia's most hardworking artists ever stops to rest. 

Her answer? "Never stops! Everyone has a joke that the day I give birth, I'm still going to be on the phone planning things. It wouldn't surprise me."

"I don't really know what is in store. And I think everyone's different, but I've spoken to a lot of artists and who have had just had kids. So I have a little kind of baby group, and I'm lucky that I'm going to have some support." 

She added, "I actually go back to playing shows three months later, and then I have Red Rocks. I think I can do it."

"There are a lot of things that are feeling really fresh. And yeah, it's good. I love it."