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Live Review: PREMIERE: LUPA J taps some of the best for new remix EP

19 October 2016 | 3:00 pm | Lauren Payne

Challenging, captivating and continuously pushing sonic boundaries, LUPA J has curated an almighty body of work.

You may have seen LUPA J on the road over the last year because she's travelled with basically some of the best artists around such as GrimesSarah Blasko and Tegan & Sara. She's been spreading her name right across the country and after releasing her sophomore EP My Right Name, she's won us all over completely.

It's no secret that we at Purple Sneakers love a good remix. It allows for the artist and the song to be totally reworked and thrown into domains and styles you wouldn't think about, giving the song new textures and life, and that's exactly what we've got in store for you today. Taking her original EP and throwing it into the hands of some of Australia's most exciting emerging artists, LUPA has shared today an entire remix EP with reworks from the likes of Marcus Whale, OK SureLand Systemsmara and elkkle.

From the thumping frenetic rave of Land System's take on "Game," to the eerie rework of "Numb" courtesy of mara, this EP delves into new territory with LUPA J's originals. OK Sure injects some intricacy and percussion into "Philomela," whilst elkkle and Marcus Whale both take on "Teeth and Loud Talk" - elkkle taking it to the future with his modern take whilst Marcus Whale utilises his penchant for experimenting with his.

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Every piece brings something new to the table and is taken in an unpredictable direction. Challenging, captivating and continuously pushing sonic boundaries, LUPA J has curated an almighty body of work that hears her in new ways - ways we are secretly hoping she might head down in the future!

Words by Lauren Payne