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Live Review: PREMIERE: Hand Games Mix #26

27 October 2015 | 4:40 pm | Madeline Kilby

Once again the Purple Sneakers team have the privilege to premiere yet another stellar HAND GAMES mix tape.

Once again the Purple Sneakers team have the privilege to premiere yet another stellar HAND GAMES mix tape. Bringing us a springtime line up of unquestionable Aussie talent, and a premiere track from POWER MOVES, these guys have a reputation for outdoing themselves with every mixtape they release.

Featuring tracks such as the psychedelic treat ‘Avocado Galaxy’ by World Champion and the sultry urban hip hop sounds of Charles Murdoch’s ‘Frogs’ featuring Ta-ku, Wafia and Hak.w, the mixtape covers all tangents of your musical desires and is perfect for that type of road trip where you experience four seasons in one day.

Broadway Sound’s good old track ‘Shonky Man’ provides some funky beats, with ESESE ft. Ocdantar's ‘Interlude’ taking the mix back to grungier places.

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Power Moves hasn’t properly released anything since 2013 (if you count a remix back in 2014), however has pulled ‘Matched Grip’ straight out of the archives especially for this mix. ‘Matched Grip’ refers to a drumming technique proving percussionists know best when it comes to hooking you in.

George Maple’s ‘Call Of The Wild’ leaves you with a bit of a whimsical feeling wondering what you are going to do with your summer, who you might meet and what parties are in store. Similarly, Buoy's debut track 'Took Me Up' grabs a nice feature on this mixtape, showcasing her 'serious talent' and airy sounds, proving that this Sydneysider's onto some good things too.

Contrastively, Royal Headache's track 'Carolina' sits pretty atop its throne of classic guitar sounds and emotionally grappling vocals.

Although we're taken out with Green Buzzard's 'Phantasy Girl', it doesn’t finish the adventure off; it leaves you lingering and impatiently waiting for Hand Game’s next mixtape.


1. Charles Murdoch - Frogs Ft. Ta-ku, Wafia & Hak.w

2. Power Moves - Matched Grip

3. Slum Sociable - I Want To Sit On The Biggest Chair You've Got

4. World Champion - Avocado Galaxy

5. Terrible Truths - Pressure

6. Nicholas Allbrook - Salvo Or Stop The Goats (A Thinly Veiled Blah Blah Blah)

7. Royal Headache - Carolina

8. Bad//Dreems - Bogan Pride

9. Broadway Sounds - Shonky Man

10. Blank Realm - Flowers In Mind

11. George Maple - Call Of The Wild

12. ESESE - Interlude ft. Ocdantar

13. Buoy - Took Me Up

14. Green Buzzard - Phantasy Girl