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Live Review: Listen as Teischa commands you attention in the 'Midnight Hour'

12 May 2017 | 6:57 am | Lauren Payne

Prepare to fall in love with the silky smooth sounds of teischa in 'Midnight Hour'

There are some people who just have a naturally enticing singing voice. Those people can grab your attention so easily and automatically become etched in your mind. TEISCHA is one of those people.

At only 2o years old, she has one of the deepest and mature sounding voices we've heard in a very long time. When you blend that amazing talent in with soft production that creates the most haunting atmosphere, well, it all becomes very addictive.

Teischa has just released her first self-titled EP and each track is just as enigmatic as the next. 'Midnight Hour' stands out amongst the collection because it's eerily beautiful and shows just how well the Perth-based songwriter can put together a tune.

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At the beginning, you'll notice a lovely piano tone setting a very smoky mood. Teischa is a self-taught pianist and so it's fitting that she utilises this in her debut single. The melody is silky smooth and her rich vocals burst showing the full strength of her voice whilst balancing out the calming textures.

Now, if you've become as addicted to 'Midnight Hour' as we have, take a squiz at the rest of her EP because once you experience the full force of Teischa, we guarantee you'll wonder how you ever lived without her.


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Words by Lauren Payne