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This Week’s Best New Music: Willaris. K, Kaiit, Forest Claudette & More

3 May 2024 | 1:26 pm | Ellie Robinson

The latest update to Purple Sneakers’ ‘Best New Music’ playlist also features fresh tunes from Dominic Fike, Kevin Abstract, Abbe May and FISHER – to name just a few.

Willaris. K / Kaiit / Forest Claudette

Willaris. K / Kaiit / Forest Claudette (Supplied)

More Kaiit More Kaiit

It’s been a HUGE week for new indie, hip-hop and EDM releases – not only did we get fresh new tunes from some of Australia’s finest up-and-comers, like Willaris. K (who just dropped World Collapsing with The Presets), Kaiit (who blessed us with Space) and Forest Claudette (whose new cut Big Wigs is destined to be a hit), but the international heavyweights were out in full force: Dominic Fike came in hot with his wicked new banger THICKRICK, for example, while Kevin Abstract delivered another instant classic in the Lil Nas X-assisted Tennessee, and Kendrick Lamar got his fans going absolutely mental with euphoria.

With all of that in mind, now seems like as good a time as any to remind you – or clue you in, if you didn’t know already – that we have our very own playlist dedicated to bringing you the best new music from the underground and beyond, fittingly named Purple Sneakers’ Best New Music. We update it every Friday with more than a dozen of the brand new tracks we simply can’t get enough of, giving you the ultimate soundtrack to power your weekend.

You can listen to Purple Sneakers’ Best New Music on Spotify (here) and Apple Music (here) – and make sure to hit us up on Instagram or Facebook to let us know what songs you’ve been loving!

Here are just a few of our personal favourites from this week’s update to the playlist...

Willaris. K & The Presets – World Collapsing

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WHAT WILLARIS K. SAYS:The Presets were the first electronic music that I fully immersed myself in. They're one of the most formative bands of my life. I'd reached out saying I wanted to work with them, didn't expect much back, but turns out Julian [Hamilton] was down. World Collapsing is my own take on Apocalypso – honoured to be able to share it with Julian, one of the most iconic voices in Australian music."”

WHAT JULIAN HAMILTON (THE PRESETS) SAYS:Jack [McAllister] approached me years ago, I’d always really liked his stuff. I loved the ambient piano and industrial techno stuff he was making. The worlds Willaris. K inhabits reminds me of a lot of early Presets.”

Kaiit – Space

WHAT SHE SAYS: “When we’re alone is usually the time we are reflecting, thinking, deciding... in that place before taking action. That’s where I found the inspiration to create Space – literally and sonically. I was mentally exhausted and couldn’t share what I was going through as I was living it. I needed a bookmark, an audio reminder, of the lessons I had learnt in those moments – so when I start getting into old patterns I play this song. The deep exhale at the end of Space feels like a release, because the song is that to me. I’ve kept going back to this track, continuing to heal from it, which is a confirmation for me that other people need to hear it and hopefully heal from it too.

“What’s kept me holding on and pushing forward, especially these past couple of years, is community – my supporters. That’s why you’ll see my Aunties around me in the music video, representing all of the people that nurture my spirit in being expressive and free. I feel so supported by my community and they have truly helped me gain my independence back, in more ways than one.”

Forest Claudette – Big Wigs

WHAT THEY SAY:Big Wigs is a boiling point I reach every now and again. The sensation of becoming overwhelmed by everything in my life and the questions that follow. What is the purpose of this? What am I trying to accomplish? What are my priorities? Who and what do I put above everything else? 

“It’s about the pressure I feel to honour the privilege of my position. I have a lot of support around me, which is a wonderful thing. But at the same time, I see it as my responsibility to live up to the expectations I’ve placed on myself and the ones placed on me by others. 

“I feel like it’s a continuation of Creaming Soda, of the thoughts in Don't Worry and even a bit of Pool Boy.”

Also featured in this week’s update to Purple Sneakers’ Best New Music:

  • Rapsody3:AM (ft. Erykah Badu)

  • Dominic FikeTHICKRICK

  • Abbe MayBig Pu$$Y Energy

  • HarmonyThot Daughter

  • Kevin AbstractTennessee (ft. Lil Nas X)

  • Vetta BorneWant U Here

  • FISHER & Jennifer LopezWaiting For Tonight

  • Golden Vessel & HeadachesBe My Own Man

  • Kendrick Lamareuphoria

  • Chance The RapperBuried Alive

  • Vv Pete, UTILITY & DJ PleadMashallah

  • Lola YoungFuck

  • JuiceboxxBig Hoofa

  • Becky Hill Right Here

  • GRAACELove Is Getting Wasted


Listen to the full playlist on Spotify below – or head here to save/follow on Spotify, and here to save/follow on Apple Music.