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Live Review: Still Woozy returns with another sweet love poem in 'Lucy'

17 April 2018 | 9:13 am | Julie Fenwick

Still Woozy is proving that he's one of 2018's Artists to Watch, with more shows and more tunes, his following is growing.

Last time we wrote about STILL WOOZY he had just performed his very first live show. As we write about him this time around, he has a collection of successful gigs under his belt as well as a new track. With his summer-style signature carrying over onto ‘Lucy’, again Still Woozy instils the tune with the thoughtfulness of a well-written book but the swiftness of a short love-poem.

Again mixing electronic with acoustic in an eclectic and endearing manner, ‘Lucy’ introduces us to ODIE, the first feature in Still Woozy’s discography. This addition is a surprising though welcome one, as ODIE’s tone contrasts with Still Woozy’s yet both artists maintain a soft, subtle and harmonious style.

It is obvious by now that Still Woozy is the type of artist that doesn’t overcomplicate things, everything has a purpose and a place, and it all works together well. ‘Lucy’, an acoustic elegy with electronic embellishments, is yet another example of this. Taking us back to days filled only with sun and not work or assignments, the track can take you one of two ways; it will either make you dance, like you did at that music festival you went to in the summer, or it will help send you into that hazy place between being asleep and being awake. Honestly either would be nice at this point.

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Still Woozy’s popularity continues to grow among old and new fans, and he is readily adding shows to his busy year ahead. His next show will see him perform nest to Gus Dipperton on the 26th of April, so if you’re in Santa Ana, head over to Constellations for what will be a cosy little show.