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Live Review: SHOUSE gives ALTA's 'Fix It' an acid house flip

17 July 2017 | 5:58 pm | Holly O'Neill

SHOUSE remixes ALTA's 'Fix It' flipping the original on it's head by pairing the dreamy vocals with some acid house flavour.

Melbourne seems to be the place to be for electronic musicians these days, with the scene ever-thriving and churning out some very strong acts. Two of which are ALTA and SHOUSE, both duos, both out of Victoria and both now linked with this new remix. The nostalgic house sounds of SHOUSE would not normally seem to be compatible with the left of centre electronica style of ALTA, but in this remix of the latter's newest release, 'Fix It,' the two groups perfectly complement each other.

The dreamy vocals become the lead to a relentless acid house tune, taking the original to a whole new place. The remix has some of the same flavour of the original in the warm synth warbles, but instead of the skittering production of the original, 'Fix It' has become a smooth jam.

Every synth is loaded with reverb and is heavily filtered, making for a hazy soundscape contrasted with the crisp percussion. Hi hats tap away over that slow growing, ever evolving bass line, with every element creating a solid cushion for the unique vocal. This track evokes a kind of nostalgia, like something from the 90's you'd dust off in a record store, but the vocals ground it in the now.

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With this remix, SHOUSE has made 'Fix It' entirely their own, flipping the original abstract track to a soothing head bopper. If you're a fan of the vocals and unpredictable electronic tunes, be sure to catch ALTA for their set at Splendour In the Grass, and keep an eye out for for an upcoming EP from SHOUSE in the pipeline.