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Live Review: Feel all fuzzy inside with Ninajirachi's new tune 'Warm Fire Lightning'

1 March 2018 | 10:58 am | Holly O'Neill

NINAJIRACHI takes a step in a new direction with the help of SATELLITE MODE, drawing inspiration from real world textures and the soundcloud trap scene.

Dance music wunderkind NINAJIRACHI is back with a peppy new original release, with the help of New York duo, SATELLITE MODE. After she teased her new music at festivals like Mountain Sounds and Listen Out, and remixed for big names like KILTER and FLIGHT FACILITIES, we get a new taste of the next step for the budding producer. 'Warm Fire Lightning' marks a slight change in direction, as Ninajirachi draws inspiration from real world textures and the Soundcloud trap scene.

Even with this change in sound she's still staying true to those sweet melodic touches and that jumpy sparseness that made us all fall in love with her in the first place. In this track, the samples are short and sharp with skittering percussion layered under hits of twangy synths and 8-bit bass lines.

The songwriting and vocals of Satellite Mode fit comfortably alongside Ninajirachi's production style, proving again that she's got a solid knack for collaboration. The title and key refrain "warm fire lightning" so simply articulates that feeling of being enamoured with someone while they play coy about their feelings back. This seems to be the brief for her production in the track too, as she juxtaposes jittery sampling with sunny drawn out chords.

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As gorgeous as the vocals are, the standout moment of the track has to be the breakdown about a minute in. The specificity of the production is fully realised in a flurry of bubble samples, punchy percussion and tinny bells. With her first original release for the year, Ninajirachi brings those peppy vibes we know her for while tapping into something a touch darker and we can't wait to see what's next!

'Warm Fire Lightning' by Ninajirachi featuring Satellite Mode is available to stream and download here.