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Live Review: Lupa J's 'Put Me Back Together' is raw, real and dance-y

16 March 2017 | 8:34 am | Lloyd Crackett

Lupa J's 'Put Me Back Together' is 'a big middle finger to your boyfriend who gets all awkward & frustrated every time you start crying'

It is quite rare that an artist is ever so forthcoming about their influences for a track. It’s rare an artist making dance music is so emotionally honest about the themes of a track. It’s rare an artist so young would be capable or willing to do any of this but, that is LUPA J and that is her bold new track 'Put Me Back Together'.

‘Put Me Back Together’, the first single after Lupa J’s year long quiet period honing her skills, shows all the signs of success. Fully explained on her Facebook page, she speaks of wanting the song to have honest substance, exploring actively relatable themes. “This song is about finding freedom in madness & emotional expression, a big middle finger to your boyfriend who gets all awkward & frustrated every time you start crying.”

The track is chock full of intense production: heavy drums, glittery synths and vocal loops. There is also a desire to call Lupa J’s vocals angelic, ethereal or otherworldly however that would be missing the entire point – yes, her voice is beautiful but even just casually listening to what is being sung, there is such a strength to it that to remark it as anything other than real and present would be missing the point. Lupa J may be making dance music but she is entirely serious and should be taken seriously. Her inspiration for the song, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ is a story of, very specifically, a women’s madness and the importance of her acknowledging it, accepting it and being able to gain something from it – a right often reserved for men with drinking problems, crackly voices and acoustic guitars.

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Lupa J has been making waves since her time in the finals of Unearthed High 2014/2015. After that she shot up, in 2016 scoring some huge support spots alongside GrimesSarah Blasko and Tegan and Sara amongst many others. Not content with just supporting the greats, she spent her time honing her production skills, and even produced a remix of Woodes’ song ‘The Thaw’.

‘Put Me Back Together’ is released Friday March 17 with the live launch on Tuesday April 11 – the first live performance of the year for Lupa J and one of the last shows at Newtown Social Club before it closes.