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Live Review: PREMIERE: Jesse Porsches shares new song, 'Know U' and lists the most inspirational places in LA

21 June 2018 | 10:34 am | Emma Jones

Jesse Porsches returns with an LA-inspired new banger called 'Know U', teaming up with indie band Transviolet for some soaring vocals.

An artist on the rise, Sydney producer/DJ JESSE PORSCHES continues to raise the bar with his latest release. Coming as a direct result of a writing trip to Los Angeles, he's teamed up with indie band TRANSVIOLET for 'Know U', coming just in time to warm up Australia as winter really sets in.

Fully of sunny vibes and poignant lyrics, Jesse Porsches once again pushes himself further with his songwriting and production on this song. Clearly influenced by his surroundings, LA has inspired this new work to be a sprawling, infectious tune complete with Jesse Porsches' trademark pop-infused drops, shifting synths and a dynamic bed of beats which spiral into a kaleidoscope of sound as the vocals soar.

Coming hot on the heels of his 2017 efforts which saw the producer not just release his own hugely successful songs like 'The Weekend' and 'Say It To Me', but also his efforts in his other project, SUPER CRUEL - a duo with TIGERILLA - 'Know U' is proof that Jesse Porsches remains on his A-game, and is hopefully indicative of much more to come given his recent travels.

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To get to know the story behind 'Know U' a little better, Jesse Porsches has put together a photo diary of sorts, detailing his recent writing trip over to LA,  including photos from the day 'Know U' was written, fake fried chicken and much, much more. Take a look at his inspirations below, and catch him on tour starting this weekend in Adelaide!

‘The Friend Bar’

This photo was taken on the first week of the L.A trip. Matt (Tigerilla), Nicole Millar, Ned (Kilter), and Jess Kent were all in town, so we had a little Aussie takeover at this bar in Silverlake. Matt and I may have gotten wayyy too loose that night...

‘Bedrock, L.A 1.0’

So Bedrock’s this really famous recording studio in LA. The interior is decked out in band posters, and it’s just oozing major old-school, rock ‘n’ roll vibes. It was kinda surreal knowing that you were working in the same space where Janelle Monae, Beck and Thom Yorke once recorded.

‘Sweet Chick, FairFax’

Winner winner chicken dinner... except we ordered the fake fried chicken, because vego life. That meal was lit, actually. Would go back/10.

‘Bedrock, L.A 1.2’

I never really played the guitar much before this trip. But while I was over there, I picked it up again and somehow it just ended up on a lot of tracks I wrote. It’s gotta be that rock ‘n’ roll influence...

‘Amoeba Music, Hollywood’

Amoeba is one of the most famous music stores in LA, so I thought I’d pay a visit and drool all over the shiny instruments.

Disclaimer: lots of instruments, lots of drool. Whoops.

‘Koreatown, L.A 1.0’

This was taken towards the end of the trip, on the day we wrote ‘Know U’. Sidenote - how much does this recording studio resemble a spaceship?

‘Koreatown, L.A 1.2’

The energy was so great that day; everything was flowing and we wrote the whole song in two hours. I think ‘Know U’ meant a lot to all of us in that writing session - lyrically, the song is about not knowing whether you’re going to make it in a relationship, and accepting that. I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to.

Jesse Porsches tour dates:

Saturday, 23 June – Adelaide, Fat Controller

Saturday, 7 July – Central Coast, Proud Mary's

Saturday, 14 July – Townsville, The Office

Saturday, 21 July Sydney –  Beach Road, Bondi

Images: Supplied

Intro by Emma Jones