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Live Review: LISTEN: Hundred Waters 'Boreal'

27 April 2012 | 10:30 am | Staff Writer

Hundred Waters are pretty great. Fact. And they play brilliantly together.

HUNDRED WATERS are not my type of band. But just have a look at this video (it's not a film clip, it's a session recording). I challenge you to listen to Nicole Miglis and not be impressed. Not to mention the way Sam Moss's backing vocals seamlessly blend in with Miglis's voice - although, to be fair, they are both classically trained musicians. When someone who isn't keen on this kind of sound can say that it is mindblowingly amazing, you know it must have some merit.

HUNDRED WATERS are that rare band that play together perfectly, completely in time and completely cohesive. There are no dissonant chords here, no arrhythmic clanging. The only bone I have to pick is that it's a little too melancholy for my tastes. Yet the music is highly original and ethereal enough to sweep you away.

If you are in a band, this is the quality that you should be aspiring to.

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You can listen to the complete track list of HUNDRED WATERS' debut self-titled album on their website.