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Live Review: Experience the freshness of Amy Axegale's 'Peppermint Flavour'

28 July 2017 | 7:36 am | Holly O'Neill

There's twinkling samples and synth stabs galore in this twee dance pop track from Melbourne producer Amy Axegale in collaboration with Icedhoneybun.

Screw gorgeous beaches and rock formations, Melbourne's AMY AXEGALE is really Australia's best kept secret. The versatile producer explores a variety of influences with sounds of baile funk, synth pop and even atmospheric trap strewn across his Soundcloud. He's had a handful of international releases from online cult labels like Calm and Palettes and counts MOISTBREEZY, INSTUPENDO and the mysterious CRAPFACE among his collaborators. In preparation for the release of his upcoming EP, Amy Axegale has just released the first glistening single, 'Peppermint Flavour'.

Opening on a phone call, we hear the twee vocals of ICEDHONEYBUN, in her love letter to a hype beast. The track is apparently "about a girl accidentally falling in love with a fuckboy," as explained by the producer himself, but the optimism of the song and lyrics don't paint that as a negative. The vocals coo over this boy's designer clothes and flashy car and share an unironic joy in being in love over the saccharine synths.

The instrumental builds off a twinkling sample and super sweet ear worm of a melody that's taken over by more dense chord stabs. Towards the end of the track there's a switch up, keeping the cute synth sparkles but introducing the "go best friend" freestyling of GOOD INTENT (which could honestly be a track of it's own). There's an in built bounce to the track through the pulsing chords and in the frantic rimshots that click away, as Amy Axegale says, "like your four-pen during a math test." You can't help but bop to this one.

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'Peppermint Flavour' is the first single from Amy Axegale's upcoming release, More Than Just Friends. Make sure keep your ear to the ground in the next few months for that one.