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No More Quiet Carriage: Brisbane Commuters Surprised By Impromptu DJ Set

28 May 2024 | 12:49 pm | Tione Zylstra

“Got away with it twice!”


Train (Deniz Demirci on Unsplash)

Sunday afternoon commuters on Brisbane’s Shorncliffe line were surprised with an unplanned “train rave” this weekend (May 26).

Local DJ Kyel 925 was leaving a gig in Fortitude Valley with his friends and all of his gear when he decided to give his fellow travellers a free show.

Setting up in an empty carriage, Kyel 925 and his group started playing a set.

“I guess the beauty of a train is … it’s moving around the city, which is a kind of cool concept behind that right, like a moving stage,” he told The Guardian

Some commuters seemed to enjoy the tunes, with videos showing people vibing in the aisles.

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“There were kids dancing, there was a mum loving it. She came in about five times dancing,” Kyel 925 said.

The group kept the rave going for about seven stops before they got off the train. Wanting to keep the energy up, they hopped on another train going in the opposite direction to play a second set.

“Got away with it twice!”

Kyel 925 said he enjoyed it so much that he’d be willing to throw another “train rave” after his next gig - with the support of Queensland Rail, of course.

“Like, that'd be amazing to think if they were willing to support that, to get involved more,” he said.

According to The Guardian, a spokesperson for Queensland Rail encouraged commuters to “have fun, but respect others”.

“While we love to see our customers enjoying our services, we do ask that ‘ravers’ keep the aisles free and consider other customers who may not share their enthusiasm for loud music,” they said.

Vivid Sydney is currently offering a similar experience for train lovers, with Tekno Train by Paul Mac set to be an intense, fast-paced techno music-filled ride through City Circle and South Sydney.