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All Aboard Vivid’s Tekno Train

20 May 2024 | 9:49 am | Mary Varvaris

Tekno Train by Paul Mac is set to reimagine the daily commute with pulsing visuals and rhythmic beats – and not just through your headphones.

Tekno Train at Central Station for Vivid Sydney

Tekno Train at Central Station for Vivid Sydney (Credit: Destination NSW)

Vivid Sydney has locked in another exclusive ahead of its 23-day event schedule starting this week, and this time, train enthusiasts will want to get involved.

Tekno Train by Paul Mac, an experience curated and composed by the Australian electropop musician, is set to reimagine the daily commute with pulsing visuals and rhythmic beats – and not just through your headphones.

In a statement, Mac said about the Tekno Train, “Trains have always fascinated me. Their mix of rhythmic clicks and clacks, the screech of metal on metal, the sound and smell of air brakes in underground tunnels, and a complex system of signals and points that magically control your journey and destination.”

As ticketholders get on a K train from Central Station, the adventure goes beyond an ordinary commute through Sydney. Tekno Train is hitting Vivid Sydney in collaboration with Sydney Trains with support from Destination NSW, Create NSW, Creative Australia, and the Wales Family Foundation.

The project will run every night of the festival from Friday, 24 May, to Saturday, 15 June, and offers two options: the Scenic Route and Tech Express.

The Scenic Route is the slower of the two Tekno Train rides and is best for families with young children. The route takes attendees through North Sydney, lights take over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the train goes down a secret line to Lavender Bay.

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The Tech Express, however, is more like an underground train that goes beneath Sydney with an intense, fast-paced techno music-filled ride through City Circle and South Sydney.

You can find tickets for Tekno Train by Paul Mac here.

This year’s Vivid Sydney program was curated to spotlight “the essence of humanity,” with a press release noting that its team is working with the ethos of showing “how creativity fuels our interconnected world.”

Festival Director Gill Minervini commented in a press release: “This year’s Vivid Sydney is focused on broadening perspectives, challenging preconceptions, and celebrating humanity.

Tekno Train by Paul Mac is a perfect example of how multiple art forms from the world’s brightest artists can transform everyday activities into something truly memorable. We’re thrilled to be able to work with Transport for NSW and Paul to bring this magical experience to our wonderful city and create unforgettable experiences that will captivate audiences from around the world.”