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ATHLETICA Announces Farewell Show Ft. Atro, Deepa, Kilimi, Sollyy & More

25 March 2024 | 6:32 pm | Emma Newbury

The collective has announced its “goodbye 4 now” with a final show slated for next month.


ATHLETICA (Instagram)


Sydney (Eora) dance collective ATHLETICA has announced its “goodbye 4 now” with a final show slated for next month.

The show will take place on Saturday April 20 at The Red Rattler Theatre. It was announced on Instagram by DJ Isa, who founded ATHLETICA in 2019.

“It’s the biggest one yet,” she wrote in her post, describing the show as “a massive 11hr party with as many of my favourite DJs as I can fit, 3 amazing hosts, food, and a Q&A about the How I Run My Party document PLUS merch and a few other bits&bobs to be announced.”

The show will run from 3pm to 2am and host ten peformances, with each having two DJs go back-to-back. Atro, for example, will link up with Aquenta, while Deepa will go back to back with baschoe, and Isa will take the stage with MCs Uncle Kal, Miski and Kelly Lovemonster.

Tickets are on sale now – head here to grab yours.

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If we go back down memory lane, the first ATHLETICA event took place in early 2019, with events going down at clubs such as Tokyo Sing Song, The Lansdowne and the Oxford Art Factory. Something that started out as a subterranean scene for Sydney’s DJs soon amassed a small community of venue owners, promoters, artists and staff, and would go on to host acts such as Ninajirachi, Ahadadream, Nina Las Vegas, Half Queen and Bianca Oblivion.

In a statement, Isa (who also works as a presenter on FBi Radio) reflected on the journey ATHLETICA has taken over the past five years: “​​Sydney was a completely different place! It was 50/50 that you’d show up to the club for it to be empty, tastes were different, the people were different!! To watch ATHLETICA, and this city, grow, morph and shift during the start of the pandemic, and then completely explode to be what it is today has been incredibly special and has made me really, really, really proud.”

So, why is such a prominent part of Sydney nightlife on the out? Isa said she wants to ends the chapter on a high: “I follow my gut in everything I do and my gut says it’s time. I’d rather we say goodbye on a high than a fizzle. I really hope I see you there, this one will be special.”