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PNAU & Red Rock Deli Aim To 'Awaken Your Senses' On New Single 'All Your Energy'

4 March 2024 | 2:49 pm | Mary Varvaris

"The fusion of music and food is something we haven’t done before, and it set a new challenge for us."

PNAU x Red Rock Deli

PNAU x Red Rock Deli (Source: Supplied)


Electronic music duo PNAU have launched a collaboration with one of Australia’s favourite snack brands, Red Rock Deli, channelling the crunch of mouthwatering chips for their new single, All Your Energy.

According to a press release, PNAU created the song exclusively out of Red Rock Deli ingredients, recording and sampling the sounds of a chilli “clap”, lime “synth”, and black pepper crushed with a mortar and pestle “bass”.

The duo’s new song, which includes the tweaking of real-life Red Rock Deli-inspired sounds made into music, was created as part of the brand’s latest campaign, Awaken Your Senses.

To make you even hungrier, here’s an example of the work that went into All Your Energy: the song’s hi-hats were created from the crunch of a Red Rock Deli potato chip blended with the sound of the electric starter of a gas stovetop. But how is that even possible?

The duo went on to pitch the stovetop’s “ticking” down 14 semitones and shortened the noise to make it catchier. You can listen to All Your Energy below.

PNAU’s Nick Littlemore explained in a statement, “Working with Red Rock Deli on All Your Energy has been an interesting space for us to play in. The fusion of music and food is something we haven’t done before, and it set a new challenge for us. All Your Energy is a quintessential PNAU track but with complex new layers for our fans to explore.”

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Prof Heather Smyth, Flavour Chemist and Sensory Scientist at the University of Queensland, added, “The relationship between sound and taste is a fascinating one, which is why this collaboration will captivate audiences. When it comes to auditory experiences, one example is how human’s love to hear a crunch, this comes from a primal instinct that demonstrates that a food item is fresh.

“Furthermore, our senses are heightened when we try a flavour combination that we find interesting and tasty, sending off a signal in our bodies conveying that a particular food is an experience worth savouring.”

A few months ago, PNAU teamed up with Empire Of The Sun for the “dream” collaborative track, AEIOU. The track signalled Empire Of The Sun’s first new music in seven years and was the first single from PNAU’s upcoming sixth album, Hyperbolic, due for release this year.