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PNAU & Empire Of The Sun Team Up For Long-Awaited Collaboration, 'AEIOU'

12 October 2023 | 11:40 am | Mary Varvaris

"This is a dream record for us."

PNAU & Empire Of The Sun

PNAU & Empire Of The Sun (Source: Supplied)


PNAU and Empire Of The Sun. Does music get any more euphoric and cathartic than these two mega-dance music artists joining forces?

Featuring Luke Steele’s unmistakable vocal alongside PNAU’s catchy beats – the dance group comprising Steele’s Empire Of The Sun collaborator Nick Littlemore alongside Peter Mayes and Sam LittlemoreAEIOU is a dance single we’re not getting out of our heads anytime soon.

Accompanied by an animated, intergalactic music video created by Melt AI, watching Steele and Nick Littlemore take on mostly human form in the clip contributes to the music video and the song’s otherworldly feel. You can check out the music video for AEIOU below.

AEIOU isn’t only significant because it marks the first time Empire Of The Sun and PNAU have ever worked together, but it also signals Empire Of The Sun’s first new music in seven years and is the first single from PNAU’s upcoming sixth album, Hyperbolic, announced today. Hyperbolic will be released via etcetc in early 2024.

“This is a dream record for us,” PNAU’s Nick Littlemore said in a statement. “We’ve had the idea of a vowels-based song way back before we met Elton [John], but it never came together until now. It turns out it was worth the wait. And in great style, we finally present a collaboration with Empire of the Sun! A voice like no other, let it lead you to the dancefloor.”

Steele added, “This song is about not letting the garden of Eden within us all be corrupted by the world.”

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Kuba Matyka and Kamila Staszczyszyn from Melt commented about their video creation, “AEIOU is more than a song; it's a visual and auditory journey that melds the strides of human creativity, AI motion capture, hand-made 3D animation and Stable Diffusion with the artistry of PNAU and Empire Of The Sun. We've not just told a story but breathed digital life into it, reflecting the powerful reunion of these iconic musicians and creating a saga that resonates with their legacy.

“The narrative unfolds in a realm where technology meets empirical, where the Garden of Eden is corrupted by machines. In this tale, Nick, a cyborg born of chrome and synth, roams our world, adapting and evolving through scavenged electronic augmentations. As destiny would have it, he reunites with Luke, an astral magician wielding the powers of melody and dimensional manipulations. Together, they rally against the Mecha Nihilist, a force intent on consuming all that once was pure and harmonious. As the beats of AEIOU pulse through this realm, we see the merging of technology with magic, the tangible with the ethereal.”

You can catch PNAU on tour this December and listen out for more Empire Of The Sun tunes to come.



15 December - Ice Cream Factory Summer Event Series, Perth WA

17 December - Changing Tides Festival, Kiama NSW

25 December - Finns Beach Club, Bali (DJ Set)

27 December - Haydays, Hobart TAS

31 December - Lost Paradise, Glenworth Valley NSW