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Oh Boy goes through five tracks that inspired his new jam 'So Good'

21 September 2018 | 11:14 am | Jackson Langford

Oh Boy has given us a few tracks that he was listening to when 'So Good' was being written, and had an integral part in the song's creation.

With every release OH BOY drops, he casts a spell of modest electro pop, washes it over with a hint of rawness and adds just the right amount of glittering synths. Never has that been more the case with his new collaboration with TASHKA, titled 'So Good' - and what an apt title it is.

It floats delicately from start to finish, but still packs a thumping punch when it needs to. In honour of the release of the track, Oh Boy has given us a few tracks that he was listening to when it was being written, and had an integral part in the song's creation.

"I’m listening to all different sorts of music constantly, mostly things completely opposite to what I make myself and so I feel as though I’m constantly finding inspiration in everything I’m listening to, but I know at the time a few of these were on my playlist during the rush of putting this track together for the EXTRA Support Acts campaign and they would have definitely played a part in the creation of this song."

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Roofies - Dream Koala


I adore Dream Koala, she composes such beautiful dreamscapes of music. I love the eeriness of this song a lot and I think that’s pretty obvious in relation to a few parts in So Good.

911/Mr. Lonely - Tyler, The Creator


I’m such a huge Tyler fan, I think he’s one of the most important creatives to exist. I love the tempo and the groove of this track, plus sampling Charlie Wilson/The Gap Band like that, you can’t you go wrong really, it’s so much fun.

Wedding Bells - Cashmere Cat


Cashmere Cat sound design will forever have my heart. I think he’s one of the main reasons I got into production at the time that I did. Everything is sort of strange but still beautiful, cute and simple and slightly unpredictable and I owe a lot of that by those types of aspirations when making my own music.

One Mo’Gin - D’Angelo


I listen to the Voodoo album by D’Angelo AT LEAST twice a week. It’s one of the greatest albums of all time by one of the greatest artists of all time. I love every drum track so much (drummed by Questlove of The Roots) and it me realise I want to have a rim shot in almost every song I make forever. I also fall for songs that have cute mallet instruments.

Sapphire - Bonobo 


Bonobo has my favourite perc lines man, I’m so annoying I always have to point them out if i’m listening to him with another person. His songs are sooo interesting and are always the perfect tempo. He fills all the spaces in the spectrum that my brain likes, his music sounds like a wise tree.

Image: Daniel Boud