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Artists to Watch in 2019: Mildlife

25 December 2018 | 10:13 am | Julie Fenwick

Having played multiple festivals and dozens of shows in the last couple of years since their conception, Mildlife is proving to be one to watch.

After their conception only a short couple of years ago, four-piece Melbourne based band MILDLIFE have had a busy and successful stretch of festival performances, releases and remixes. Early 2018 saw them drop their debut album Phase, as well as play at well-known Victorian music festivals Hopkins Creek and Strawberry Fields. It also saw them support acts such as HARVEY SUTHERLAND and SUI ZHEN. The year also saw them play alongside CC:DISCO, CHANNEL TRES and KLLO at City Loop, while 2019 will see them start the year at Rainbow Serpent in late January.

The album itself plays like an ode to the late 70’s to mid-80’s amalgamation of psychedelia and electronica, however also pays tribute to jazz and disco. ‘The Magnificent Moon', its starting track, is a standout, opting for a catchy and smooth mood-setting intro which announces the bands unique sound.

As well as shows and releases, another highlight of Mildlife’s 2018 career came when well-known Melbourne producers TORNADO WALLACE and SLEEP D, and Swedish disco heads MOUNT LIBERATION UNLIMITED released Mildlife Remixed. Stripped back, yet never taking away the bands original quirkiness, the release stands to accentuate the intergalactic electronic and quick percussion that the band is becoming known for.

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Though Mildlife were set to play Freedom Time on NYD 2019, due to the day festivals cancellation the bands next big show will be held on the same day at The Espy. With performances said to sneak off into sheathes of improvisation, it’d be smart to head on down. With phase two for Mildlife on the horizon, it looks like 2019 will be just as big a year as this one was.

Photo via Facebook