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Live Review: Step into Young Franco's sitcom debut in his 'Otherside' clip ft. Reva DeVito & Golden Vessel

24 April 2019 | 11:50 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Let's cast our minds back to better TV times shall we? A time where sitcoms like SeinfeldFriends and The Office were at the forefront of comedy. Where friendship and relationship complications were contrasted with laugh tracks and solid one liners. Ah, what a time.

The TV sitcom may have evolved over time, but there's a new sitcom in town guaranteed to throw you straight back into the nostalgia of it all. YOUNG FRANCO's new track 'Otherside' featuring the elegant vocals of Reva DeVito and the unmistakeable croon of Golden Vessel, has copped its very own sitcom, starring Young Franco as basically everyone.

Taken straight from IMDb itself, Franco portrays 'quota smashing' Thornton Dogart, a hard-working, true-blue business man looking to smash targets and hopefully get a pay rise. He also plays Bob Dolan, a maintenance man who tidies up the white goods room before the salesmen get in for the day. He loves his job.

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He also ambitiously takes on the role of local hairstylist Stanley Dantunt, who cuts the hair of Eduardo Muchacho of Human Movement, but really doesn't want to hear any of his stories. Think he's got enough roles on his plate? WRONG. He's also chef Steen Parrosimo who would rather be working basically anywhere else other than the mildly successful Sydney café he's stuck in.

The clip features guest cameos from newsreader Golden Vessel and star-struck streetwalkers Cosmo's Midnight, all set to the sweet, sweet gentle funk of 'Otherside'.

Young Franco's 'Otherside' outside of its high-comedy sitcom appeal is one hell of a track. Following up from his smash single 'Girls Don't Cry' with Maribelle, Young Franco's jumped headfirst into 2019 with all guns blazing, and there's no stopping him.