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Live Review: Yaeji's dreamy 'One More' gets an equally surreal music video

30 November 2018 | 9:24 am | Holly O'Neill

Everybody knows and loves YAEJI's 'raingurl', last years breakout hit of a driving house track with a brave new producer at the helm. However among her atmospheric house tracks and ambient pop leant EPs, it was an upbeat anomaly. Yaeji's latest single 'One More' has firmly re-established her sound with her newfound audience, and now with the drop of its music video we see her vision for the project intensified and delivered with a sharp clarity.

"For the music video “One More” I wanted to create a speculative reality in which our daily loops of banal existence become a prison for our creative expression and forward progression," explained Gvojic of his concept. "Too often people are trapped by their self-imposed ritual routines, and do not have the agency to break free and take control of their own destiny."

Past versions of herself are locked in their routines, lit by cool neons and adding more of that dreamlike unreality to the whole concept. Upon snapping out of her cycle, her passive selves dissolve away and we're transported through a slick CG wormhole into Yaeji's apartment again, but this time filled with friends. Yet, we can't be certain if we have finally made it to the real world as the shot bends our own reality, bending the framing black bars inwards.

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Every element of the video's composition is so fluid and hyperreal and yet still tangible, that we have to keep asking ourselves if this is a dream or reality. Together with her director, Yaeji has managed to create a video that's as hazy and dreamlike as the track itself. With this being her only solo release of the year we can't wait to see what future facing house tracks, and videos, are in the works for Yaeji.