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Live Review: Woodes finds what she is searching for in 'Dots' video

20 December 2017 | 8:30 am | Molly McLaughlin

Woodes' ethereal electro-pop sensibilites shine once again on her latest offering, 'Dots,' a powerful meditation on intimacy and human connection.

Melbourne-based vocalist WOODES burst onto the scene in 2016 with fan favourites, 'The Thaw' and 'Rise'. Since then, she has produced a steady flow of tracks that blend evocative storytelling and catchy beats. Her ethereal electro-pop sensibilities shine once again on her latest offering, 'Dots,' a powerful meditation on intimacy and human connection.

Shot over four days and various locations in Victoria, the video for 'Dots' is a dramatic visual representation of Woodes' search for a lost lover. Showcasing the visually stunning landscape in a futuristic setting, Woodes uses her own delicate movements and fantastical outfits to create a contemporary fairytale. Featuring gorgeous colours, the video perfectly echoes the rich tapestry of sound within 'Dots'.

"I worked with Melbourne director, Andy Hatton through out the creation of this clip to bring 'Dots' to life," she explains. "We brought together a mood board of hundreds and hundreds of images at first, focusing on light and connection. From there we conceptualised a clip focused on a search, or group of quests… sending out signals and being drawn back into human connection. It’s special to feel connected to something or someone through thoughts and places, smells and sounds."

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With 'Dots', Woodes stretches her emotional range and demonstrates a vivid creative vision that translates beautifully onto the screen. The track stands alone, of course, but alongside these unique visuals it is the whole package. Like Woodes herself, 'Dots' leaves the audience searching for more and, thankfully, she keeps delivering.

Catch Woodes on tour early next year:

March 02 / Sydney - Leadbelly



March 03/ Melbourne - The Toff



March 10/ Brisbane - Black Bear Lodge


Image: Supplied