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Live Review: Tourist ‘Holding On’ Ft. Josef Salvat and Niia (Official Video)

15 June 2015 | 11:16 am | Madeline Kilby

TOURIST has dropped the video for his catchy hit ‘Holding On’ Ft. Josef Salvat and Niia.

First things first, while the clip for TOURIST's ‘Holding On’ is definitely PG, probably don’t watch this video in front your grandma.

Its obviously a piece of artistic expression to perfectly match the lyrics of a challenging emotional tryst, however there is some visible tongue exchanging going on and awkward gyrating dance moves to be wary of.

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With said tongue exchanging going on it is clear that regardless of the back story this pair are finding it hard to let go, so instead they keep holding on to something emotional, and to each other.

Tourist describes his sound as ‘the melancholy side of dance music’ and you can certainly understand what he means when watching the clip for ‘Holding On’. There is no passionate or intimate embracing between the stars of this video. Essentially they are holding on as though trying not to drop each other, not because the passion is keeping them connected. Their dance moves seem awkward, almost as though they are replicating the uneasy beats of a heart going through 1000 different feelings.

As the vocals switch between male and female, the person in control of the emotional battle jumps from male to female. The whole clip it is showing fickle emotions and the reality of holding on to a spark that is no longer there. Many of the movements seem to show almost accidental aggression followed by regret, which director Holly Blakey explains with her interpretation to the lyrics “we can act in ways completely opposite to our intention”. You get this exact feeling as you watch some of the movements and interactions between the pair.

Despite all this melancholy the tune is boppy. Tourist may see his tunes as the dark side of the dance world however you could see many a great (filthy) dfloor pash happening to this song and perhaps the tongue lingering kisses seen in this clip are actually just hinting at exactly this kind of behaviour.