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Live Review: Total Giovanni 'Can't Control My Love' (Official Video)

16 January 2015 | 11:47 am | Hollie Cunningham

Total Giovanni have released their quirky new video for synth pop track 'Can't Control My Love'

Despite only having 2 tracks to their name, we are fully confident, have never been more confident that TOTAL GIOVANNI are an act to be recognised, this is why we named them as one of our acts to watch for 2015. Known for their energetic live shows, they now bring us the video to their second release 'Can't Control My Love'.

To match their old school sound, the video is shot using film rather than a digital camera to give it that genuine antique feel, depicting the group in a 90s style video game, jamming in space like attire.

The video follows a group of young boys reeking havoc in the early 90s Melbourne suburbs, this isn't really the image that comes to mind when you hear the synth pop groove but it's the meaning behind it, director Sherwin Akbarzadeh explains - "The song made me think of a character who embraces their emotions [when] at odds with their surroundings, and a teenage boy who embraces childish love and joy in the context of aggressive masculinity seemed to fit the bill." 

At the height of the song the video reveals one boy break out against the group, at which point he exhibits some questionable dance moves, but he doesn't care, something which is transpired through their image and shows and the reason we have so much love for them- just letting loose, non of this cool-guy-dance-floor-head-bob.

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If you want to catch them at a festival this summer, to let loose in a way that music was really created for then you can find them playing Secret Garden Festival on 28th February and Golden Plains on 7th March.