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Live Review: Tommy Cash defines WTF in his new 'Little Molly' music vid

1 June 2018 | 9:35 am | Holly O'Neill

Irreverent and ridiculous, Estonian rapper TOMMY CASH's new music video for 'Little Molly' is a surreal acid trip meets cheesy photo shoot.

The newest signee to cult label PC Music is Estonian rapper and viral sensation TOMMY CASH. His rap style is unheard of, bringing a post Soviet perspective on luxe western rap stereotypes over oddball trap beats. His absurd music videos, that he conceptualises and directs himself, have caused the internet to raise many an eyebrow. Standout images include playing butt cheeks like a bongo, amputee backup dancers with blades for legs and rocket ship deep throating. Now we can add puppy dog hair and a creepy family of denim clad Tommy's to that list with his new video for 'Little Molly'. 

Produced by label mates A. G. COOK and FELICITIA, the beat builds off a repeated piano riff backed with deep subs and trappy hats. In his dull drawl he repeats the woes of Little Molly, completely flipping the energy in the verses as his raucous rhymes are layered on top of his own hypeman yelling. The laid back delivery of the choruses feels ridiculously chilled as the instrumental builds in density, with everything coming to a climax for a huge industrial feeling closer under his casual delivery.

With the help of Anna-Lisa Himma as co-director and Denis Strahov on special effects for the music video, Cash's surreal vision comes to life. He's everywhere; dancing in fluro lycra, playing that menacing piano riff, both husband and wife, a whole class of children AND the twerking teacher all in one. Imposing himself into canned scenarios ripped from a shopping mall photography studio, overly posed action family photos and portraits are re-imagined as if twisted director Chris Cunningham was behind the lens.

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The imagery and wordplay hints that children are intrinsically artistic but grow into the drudgery and assigned roles of adulthood. “The problem is not staying an artist when you grow up” Cash says of his concept, “Imperfection is perfect and we should embrace it.” His lowbrow humour, self awareness and oddly stupid yet sincere facade is a welcome fresh presence on the global rap landscape. With his signing to boundary pushing label PC Music, Tommy Cash is clearly thriving and we're bound to see more wild content from him soon.