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Live Review: Timi Temple sums up your millennial angst in 'Young Man, Old Boy'

29 June 2018 | 12:55 pm | Max Lewis

Timi Temple is endearingly relatable yet defiant with 'Young Man, Old Boy', an exploration of millennial angst in a psychedelic pop package.

With increasing financial anxieties and a constant stream of judgment from the oldies on high, it's not easy being a millennial. We're lucky to have someone like Sydney artist TIMI TEMPLE to take the blues away while preaching to the proverbial choir: his latest track 'Young Man, Old Boy' does just that, and it's as painfully relatable as it is dang catchy.

Timi Temple's vibe is heavy electronic tinged psychedelic rock, showcased perfectly with cuts like 'Sands of Time' and 'Coming Home' which pair head-banging rock with hooks both quirky and catchy. He's won support from radio greats like Triple J and FBi and even a sold-out headline show at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory. 'Young Man, Old Boy' shows Timi Temple evolving his style, and it's a clear sign of great things on the horizon.

With heavy riffs, pounding drums and an almost rockabilly vocal style, Timi Temple paints a picture of someone at a crossroads in life, no longer feeling young but not feeling old either. The music threads this needle perfectly, sounding equal parts throwback with the vocals and riffs, but tied up in a refreshingly modern and poppy package. It strikes this perfect balance of a heavy and light sound with achingly real yet quirky lyrics, creating a track with many layers that come together cohesively.

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The video, directed by Timi Temple himself, takes the tongue-in-cheek nature and runs with it. Exuding a DIY aesthetic, it depicts Timi and friends engaging in a variety of activities in a nursing home while pensioners perform the song in a dingy garage. As Timi and co quietly engage in lawn bowls or a game of chess, the pensioners cause ruckus at a bingo game. With a focus on substance over style it's an endearing expression of millennial humour, and a perfect accompaniment to the catchy style of Timi Temple.