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Live Review: PREMIERE: Escape with Tigerilla, Muki and young Escobar in 'Money In My Jeans' video

30 November 2017 | 12:00 pm | Emma Jones

As far as collaborations go, it doesn't get much more exciting than TIGERILLA and MUKI teaming up together on a track. The results of this collab, coming in the form of 'Money In My Jeans', is an explosive song that highlights just how promising these two artists are right now, and also just how well they work together. A pop banger, 'Money In My Jeans' mixes hip-hop influences with Tigerilla's fantastic electronic production, and while we didn't think it could get much better, we have now been proven wrong with the release of the accompanying visuals.

Featuring a young Pablo Escobar, some flames, a plane and more, Tigerilla and Muki have joined forces to bring this track to life in one of the most fun videos to be dropped recently. Riding around on bikes (and falling off at one point for Tigerilla), wearing sick matching jackets, and running off into the distance with yung Escobar, this clip takes 'Money In My Jeans' to a new level. Harnessing the carefree nature of the track, it paints an exciting picture of getting away from it all and letting go, while pairing that picture with the epic soundtrack that is this song.

Both making exciting moves in their own rights, this track ties 2017 up nicely for both Tigerilla and MukiTigerilla has been releasing hit after hit including the outrageously good 'Tulips' last year, as well as playing stand out shows at BIGSOUND and of course working on his side project, SUPER CRUEL, he's got an undeniable drive to completely immerse himself in all things music - and it's clearly working. As for Muki, after the release of two stellar tunes this year, as well as touring with the likes of CLIENT LIAISON and PACES, it's also all systems go for her as she sets her sights on 2018. We're just quietly hoping this isn't the last time these two come together on a song, because we can't get enough!

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'Money In My Jeans' is out now via EMI.

Image: Supplied

Words by Emma Jones