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Live Review: WATCH: The Knife 'A Cherry On Top' (Official Video)

24 April 2013 | 10:30 am | Hannah Galvin

Swedish duo The Knife have just released the clip to their track 'A Cherry On Top', found on their new album Shaking The Habitual. It'll alter your mind.


Earlier this month, we were treated with a very incredible album. Housing a variety of sounds, it showcases the life of a whole new perception of music. Released seven years after its senior, I'm talking about none other but THE KNIFE's Shaking The Habitual.

Having already heard the new record's 'Full Of Fire' and 'A Tooth For An Eye', The Knife have just released the clip to 'A Cherry On Top'.

Although this is the official video, don't expect anything drastic as the clip only features two 8x8 cubed squares joining and separating against the same candy pink backdrop found all over Shaking The Habitual's cover art. Having said that though, it's trippy as shit. These squares spasm and twist within their allocated area, as they're completely wigging out to their very own hypnotic soundtrack.

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'A Cherry On Top' is almost nine minutes in length, and is made up of a very intrinsic, peculiar sound; it's almost indescribable.

The Knife have truly given life to the instruments used in this track, as their sounds and drones reflect quite a human-like expression, such as the moans and cries of the prolonged string instruments and sharp organs. We're also treated with the obscurity of Karen Dreijer Andersson's vocals, as she lists different food names haphazardly.

When unifying all of these elements and textures, you end up with a really eerie track, quite theatrical in its appearance, and could easily be used for an art installation that involves experimenting with your alertness and sanity.

'A Cherry On Top' is one of many treasures found on the Swedish duo's new record, Shaking The Habitual, which is available for purchase now via Pod Records through Inertia.

Words by Hannah Galvin.