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Live Review: The Juan Maclean 'A Simple Design' (Purple Disco Machine Remix) (Official Video)

17 July 2015 | 10:50 am | Hannah Galvin

Purple Disco Machine have remixed The Juan Maclean's single, 'A Simple Design'; originally taken from their 2014 album, In A Dream.

I don't think anyone will ever get over the disbandment of LCD Soundsystem. Absolute masters of their craft, they were a tight unit who will forever remain lords within the spectrum of electronic music. Subsiding this sadness, the outfits members have at least separately continued to create great music, such as Nancy Whang in THE JUAN MACLEAN.

Releasing their very fresh and compact record, In A Dream through LCD's home label, DFAThe Juan Maclean have since seen its tracks remixed, such as 'A Simple Design'; now reinterpreted by PURPLE DISCO MACHINE.

Replacing the retractable, blunt bounce that was the original, 'A Simple Design' melody line, Purple Disco Machine have incorporated a stark, spongey step into the foot of the song; occasionally visited by a fluttery keyboard trickling down the chorus like an ample waterfall.

Through blending a series of inconspicuous elements, speeding the tune up and maintaining the vocal structure, Purple Disco Machine have not only adapted their own style to, 'A Simple Design', they've also allowed the original message to remain omnipresent in both the composition and edited clip; that being the acknowledgement of beauty in imperfections.

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Purple Disco Machine's remix of The Juan Maclean's, 'A Simple Design' has been released through Defected Records.

Words by Hannah Galvin.