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Live Review: It's time to 'Make Your Move' with The Goods

17 April 2017 | 8:30 pm | Lauren Payne

Sydney-trio The Goods ask you to 'Make Your Move' with their latest single and music video.

Buckle your seat belts and prepare yourselves for a very smooth ride! We have some new music from THE GOODS and it's so luscious that it's almost better than your leftover Easter chocolate.

The Goods hail from Sydney and have injected a bit of soul into the electronic scene. As chill as the winter wind, these guys create a calming atmosphere that is just too perfect for words. It's soothing, it's groovy, it's got a bit of disco in it and it shimmers under the night sky. It's just what we all need right now so we suggest sitting back and pumping their latest single 'Make Your Move' because it's going to instantly improve your mood.

The single is perfect for a night drive or just a quiet drink with a few mates. The melody has a deep groove that swings beneath buzzing synths and airy vocals that will give you goosebumps. 'Make Your Move' already has a video to accompany it and it fits the track like a cozy cashmere jumper; it's luxurious and soft AF.

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In between games of laser tag and runs on the bumper cards, there are some carefully constructed shots of vibrant lights brightening the dark night and it looks like the best night out ever.

The video emphasises The Goods' easy-going attitude and honestly, we're keen to hear more of their new tracks. Luckily, they have a debut EP coming out really soon so you should keep your eyes peeled for that.

Words by Lauren Payne