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Live Review: Get your summer playlist going with TAMMA's 'Beat You Down'

25 October 2018 | 4:57 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

As summer fast approaches, it's about time you dust off those cossies, shake out your beach towel and put some energy into perfecting your summer playlist because there's a hell of a lot of good tunes you can throw in there.

Chuck this one in there too!

It's one from Melbourne newcomer TAMMA and it's called 'Beat You Down'.

Contrary to the track's sunny demeanour, this one is the result of a couple of years of hardship for the pop artist. Of the track, she says:

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"As I was writing, I thought about my family and the hard stuff we have faced in recent years. I’ve had vocal surgery twice – however, losing my voice and identity seemed trivial after the tragic and sudden loss of my nephew Buddy in 2016. The loss threw me into an unknown and scary place, as I realised how quickly life can change and turn on you. Suddenly, my main priority in life was to get my sister, family and myself through the grief and confusion."

It's a triumphant track, celebrating the highs and overcoming the lows of her long journey. I think that makes this one all the more special. It's pop with purpose, and more than anything absolutely empowers you to not feel beaten down. You'll listen once and be consumed by that hook, it's that infectious.

She's also released a clip to accompany the single, and as you would expect, it's teeming with all sorts of sunny, hazy feel-good moments with skate clips, bonfires and a beautiful colour palette.

TAMMA's only just getting started, and with a track as powerful as 'Beat You Down', there's no doubt that what's to come from the Melbourne pop artist will be inspiring and incredibly well-crafted.

Photo by David Reece