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Live Review: Rebel Yell teams up with Gussy for the menacing new track 'Stains'

6 April 2018 | 8:47 am | Holly O'Neill

Brutal techno aesthetics meets brooding emotion on 'Stains', a dark new collab between Brisbane's REBEL YELL and Sydney's GUSSY

Brisbane producer REBEL YELL is gearing up for the release of her debut album Hired Muscle with a string of powerful tracks. Her latest single, 'Stains' in collaboration with Sydney muso GUSSY, matches their mutual taste for brutal aesthetics in the visual and brooding emotion in the track.

Where her other singles have been gritty and dark, 'Stains' feels far more spacious and lucid. Her intense style is turned down in this track but is no lesser for it, stripping back the dense percussion while still delivering those complex techno textures we know and love her for. Echoing samples of Gussy's vocals repeat over the track as layers of tactile synth lines reverberate underneath. Their vocals perfectly match the intensity of Rebel Yell's production, moving from breathy singing into menacing rapping as the track morphs with them.

The music video seems to echo this collaboration of vocalist and producer, as Rebel Yell, Gussy and dancer Emma Caskey wear delicate satin dresses in contrast to the industrial estate around them.  Together they dance and pose, creating beauty among the stark concrete, sun-bleached vegetation and twisted fencing. Filmed with the help of cinematographer Briana Davis and edited by Rebel Yell herself, the careful thought the team put into the choice of locations, movements and styling adds another layer of meaning to the track.

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'Stains' is just one of a handful of local collabs lined up for Rebel Yell's  incoming album, also featuring slots from HABITS and PILLOW PRO. If this release is anything to go by, it proves there's strength in collaboration amongst the weirdos of Australian dance music and we could not be more excited about it.