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Live Review: PREMIERE: SIMONA triumphs again in latest video

8 August 2017 | 10:00 am | Emma Jones

Having just released her latest single and EP, both by the name of 'Triumph', and with a national tour on the horizon, it seems that the second half of 2017 is all about SIMONA. After debuting 'Triumph' just a few weeks ago, and the consequent EP which included remixes by VARIOUS ASSES and AÉREA NEGROT, fans old and new recognised a marked shift in mood and sound, as SIMONA endeavoured to create an uplifting, euphoric and immersive techno tune, and now she's got equally immersive visuals to go along with it.

Set in the rainforest, and accompanied by guest vocalist CULTRASIMONA continues down the path she initially set out on with 'Triumph,' further diversifying her sound. Like Kate Bush meets the Australian rainforest, the clip is full of darker tones and compelling images, complete with smoke machines to create eerie fog. There's passion in SIMONA's performance, interspered with shots of both her and CULTRA in the surrounding nature. It's a powerful video, giving the track room to come alive as it pulls you in with its synchronised editing and stunning landscapes.

Set to embark on a national tour, presented by Paradise, the release of 'Triumph' is a new chapter in SIMONA's extensive career, and one we can't wait to see unfold before us. Having carved out a space of her own, SIMONA is now looking to further venture down the rabbit hole that is club spaces - opening herself and her music to a different kind of dance music; one that is uplifting and empowered. With the video of 'Triumph' ending simply on the text, "You've become much stronger," it sends a simple yet powerful message about overcoming adversity and revelling in your triumph, and that's exactly what SIMONA is doing.

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'Triumph' is out now via LISTEN RECORDS.

Image + video by Xanthe Dobbie & Nina Renee

Words by Emma Jones