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Live Review: Seavera drop haunting video for 'Make Me Uncomfortable'

26 February 2018 | 10:35 am | Max Lewis

Melbourne duo Seavera have topped themselves yet again, with the hauntingly honest and visually striking video for 'Make Me Uncomfortable.'

When it comes to gorgeous music and haunting visuals, Melbourne duo SEAVERA always know how to knock it out of the park. Their latest effort, 'Make Me Uncomfortable', is their most stunning track yet, and the video directed and produced by Josh Harris is no different.

Seavera cemented their rich and heavy sound through tracks like 'Cities', and 'Caving', earning them over two million plays on Spotify and considerable airtime on Aussie radio. 'Make Me Uncomfortable' is the latest taste of their upcoming debut EP, A Different Kind of Sadness, which is due out March 2nd.

A tumultuous and melancholic track, 'Make Me Uncomfortable' tells a relatable story of overcoming fears, whether it be fear of connecting with another, or the fears that come with introversion and loneliness. The way it captures and puts into words (and sounds) the universal feelings of loneliness and wanting to overcome it is a tremendous feat, and a testament to the skill behind Seavera.

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The visual accompaniment twists these themes and interprets them in a deeply evocative way. As one half of the pair, Tori Zietsch, battles with the physical embodiment of her fears (depicted as white-clad 'ghosts'), Seavera's other half Dan Pinkerton attempts to, quite literally, break through a barrier to get to her, all the while fighting off her ghosts as well. It's a literal interpretation that pulls no punches as we see, through flawlessly choreographed dance, a representation of inner-turmoil. Combined with the dreamlike aesthetic created through languid camerawork and lots of bright spotlighting, you've got what is easily the duo's most impressive and effective video yet.

Seavera's debut EP A Different Kind of Sadness is due out March 2nd. The duo are also hitting up our East Coast in support of Woodes - check out the dates below!

Friday March 2nd – Leadbelly, Sydney

Saturday March 3rd – The Toff In Town, Melbourne

Saturday March 10th – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane