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Live Review: Get lost in Sarsha Simone's surreal 'Daydream' video

13 April 2018 | 9:06 am | Holly O'Neill

A year after the track's release, check out the stunning visual for SARSHA SIMONE's single 'Daydreams' that proves it was worth the wait.

It's been a while since we've heard from SARSHA SIMONE, a unique, much hyped voice in Aussie RnB. Since the release of her single 'Daydream' this time last year, she's been working on her upcoming album and refining her artistry, both musically and visually. She's taken a lot of care in creating a music video for the 2017 single which has now been shared with the world, and pulled out some of her biggest earrings for the special occasion.

The track is a self empowerment seminar in a little under 5 minutes, as she finds strength in her 'daydreams' of success and the grind to get it. She croons over a lush trap style instrumental, showcasing her effortless delivery and the strength in her unique timbre. In the music video, she channels these vibes into a stunning finished product, complete with complimentary colour palette and luxe costume changes. Directed by Aislinn Lowe and backed by dancers Emma-Louise Potts, Jinnie Widnyana, Rene Habernicht and Amanda Clothier, we see Simone looking perfectly at home amongst a hyper stylised desert oasis, complete with surreal imagery pulled straight from a day dream.

Her delivery to camera proves she's a natural performer, gracefully luxuriating in beach chairs and walking through the dunes in heels (how does she do it!?). The soft pastel styling and flowing fabrics give an even more dreamlike feel to the video while also highlighting the strong femininity that Sarsha Simone seems to radiate.

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Of the video, Sarsha says she wants people to feel they can "dream outside realities norm and pursue a vision no matter what doubt society throws at you" after watching. The time taken to create this music video really shows, with the whole team delivering a polished video that adds a whole layer of meaning to a polished track and proves it was worth the wait. With her upcoming EP, Bodhi, set for release later this month, we can't wait to see what else is to come from this boundary pushing RnB artist.