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Live Review: Connect with Sampa The Great & her community in her 'OMG' clip

16 July 2019 | 11:20 am | Caitlin Medcalf

Sampa The Great returns not only with a new single, but a clip to accompany it AND news of her forthcoming record, The Return, set to be out September 13.

After returning in December with 'Energy'SAMPA THE GREAT went full-throttle, launching the next phase of her career as an artist. The track marked a 'level-up' of sorts for the Zambian-born, Botswana-raised, Melbourne-based artist. She then released 'Final Form', a big-band jam focused on her heavy flow and immense ear for instrumentation.

Now, she's returned not only with a new single, but she's given us a clip to accompany it AND given us news of her forthcoming record, The Return, set to be out on Friday, September 13.

'OMG' sees Sampa navigating her understanding of 'home' through the exploration of her cultural heritage. The track is heavily influenced by the sounds of her childhood in Botswana, her heavy flow relentlessly chasing the playful instrumental.

The clip was created in collaboration with Red Bull, giving the audio total justice through the clip's colourful exterior. Culture and the clip's exploration of it is expressed through dress, dance and ultimately, the people featured throughout. It's a celebration of Sampa's heritage, expressed through modern tropes like hip-hop and fashion.

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The clip is centred around community. In a similar vein to M.I.A's 'Bad Girl' clip, there's a performative aspect of culture on display, letting you in on the images of her place and simultaneously immersing you in not just the aesthetic of her place, but the personalities of the people, the genuineness of the sounds and most importantly, the connection she has with those things.

It was filmed on a trip home between South Africa and Botswana, with her parents making a cameo in the clip too. Of their appearance, she said “I got to do something that I’ve never done before, which is to have my parents in one of my music videos. This is the first time they have been involved in my music at this level and it was important for me to express accepting and flexing my culture with the two people who know me most!”

Look out for The Return, set to be out Friday, September 13 via Ninja Tune.

Photo by Barun Chatterjee