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Live Review: PREMIERE: Escape to the desert with Ryder Havdale's new video for 'Good Girls'

4 June 2018 | 10:59 am | Emma Jones

It might be officially winter here in Australia, but it's warming up across the pond in Toronto and Berlin, which is where the artist RYDER HAVDALE splits his time. It's perhaps one of the reasons his latest single, 'Good Girls', is such a summer jam, complete with bouncing synths, looped vocals that will infiltrate your psyche to be on repeat for days on end, and shimmering, warm beats to make you feel a little like you're defrosting just enough to dance around to this number.

Add to all of this his brand new video, which you can see first below, was all filmed at Joshua Tree in the US on a complete whim, and it's certain that Havdale is really onto a winner here. Having met a leatherworker out at Joshua Tree who wanted to take him "to a healing retreat and access a  vortex - whatever that is,Havdale spent the day finding himself and realising a lot of things. Not only did he realise that his music was worthwhile, but he also realised he didn't have to hide behind monikers anymore, and opted to release his new music under his own name.

Filmed on an iPhone with a selfie stick, the clip is just a snapshot into a momentous day for Havdale, and although he lost his wallet and returned the next day to find the lady he'd just met no longer there, the experience changed his life and career trajectory for the better. After such a completely serendipitous series of events, it is obviously a sign from a higher power that he was definitely on the right path at the right time, and as such, his Australian debut couldn't have come at a better time than now. With hopefully more tunes to come like 'Good Girls', we're welcoming Ryder Havdale with open arms!

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Words by Emma Jones