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Live Review: Roza Terenzi and DJ Zozi bring a fresh take on house in 'Half Moon Bay'

29 June 2018 | 9:21 am | Holly O'Neill

Across oceans, house producers ROZA TERENZI and DJ ZOZI (also known as D.TIFFANY) were riding the same musical wavelength. Their love of visceral synthetic sounds, jittery polyrhythms and woozy breakbeats transcended the distance between Melbourne, Australia and Vancouver, Canada to help create a gorgeous collaborative EP. 'Half Moon Bay' is the one of four forward-thinking house tracks on Roza Terenzi & DJ Zozi, the debut release from the latter's label, Planet Euphorique. The track layers ever-evolving bleeps and squeaks over languid pads, with the track's video creating as much of a feast for the eyes as the tune is for the ears.

Jittery percussion pulls the track along, laying the groundwork for tinny melodies that fold into each other and mutate across the track. Underneath, warm chords swirl and shift with their languid tempo highlighting the ever-changing energy of the melodies and drum patterns. The track elevates elements of Balearic, breakbeat and tech house into a whole new experience, one that's intricate, all encompassing and filled with melodic touches and fills that reveal themselves with every listen.

The video aligns the specificity of the production with dreamlike visualisations from visual artist, JONUS ERIC. Abstract shapes are grainy with a DIY texture as they refract and repeat onto themselves guided by movements of the production. Languid shapes shift and change as the beat does, moving frantically with acidic bass lines and jittery hats or flowing alongside dreamy pads. The lush colour palette along with futuristic shapes and effects, meld the classic visualisations of old school raves with a fresh perspective, matching the production's appreciation of the genre's past while looking to and creating its future.

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'Half Moon Bay' is a bright slice of house music's future, and a shining star on the debut EP from Planet Euphorique. The video is released alongside the wider vinyl release of the Roza Terenzi & DJ Zozi EP, keep an eye out for this one at your local niche wax retailer.

PHOTO by Truants