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Live Review: PREMIERE: Reija Lee learns about self love in visuals for 'Love Nobody'

11 October 2018 | 1:04 pm | Emma Jones

It was just a few months ago that we were re-introduced to REIJA LEE. Previously one half of KITO & REIJA LEE and having worked with the likes of Zeds Dead, Shockone, Paces, Metrik, and Fred V & Grafix, Reija Lee made a splash back in June when she released her first solo single, 'Love Nobody' which we were immediately hooked on. Now, she's back, complementing the glistening retro-pop tune with some stellar visuals, taking her message of self love to a whole new level.

The video follows Lee from being rugged up in bed to being convinced to come out to a party. Reluctantly, she agrees, but what happens on her way is something that would fit right at home in some kind of weird sci-fi thriller. Seeing people everywhere around her with her face as theirs, Lee freaks the fuck out before rocking up to the party, only to discover that her pals have also had their faces replaced with hers. But, as RuPaul says, "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?" so instead of continuing to run from herself, Lee embraces it. Ending with a surprising love story twist, her song about self love rings true here as she opens herself up to loving herself first and foremost.

Lee said of the video, "It would have been so easy to just pump out an 80s video clip with scrunchies and 80s dance choreography, but I wanted it to be real - I want people to watch it and see that it was filmed in Perth - my hometown - and know that 'Hey! She's from Perth!'. I want people to know that I wrote it myself and made it with my best mates. I want them to know I shot it in my boyfriend's parent's house. I wanted a video that wasn't just something 'pleasant to look at'. It's all too easy to dress up and put on a performance and look pretty - but I wanted to tell the story of this song. So what better way to talk about self love than filming a video where I fall in love with myself?! And at the end of the day, I wanted to make people laugh. The subject matter of Love Nobody is pretty deep, and it's important to me, but I think it's also important to not take yourself too seriously. Hopefully when people watch this video they'll see who I am - someone with a sense of humour, a DIY artist, just doing my thing in this small, isolated city we call Perth."

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Having just played at Listen Out thanks to being picked as one of the Unearthed Feature Artists, Reija Lee will be performing alongside Client Liaison and Luke Million at Sets On The Beach on November 24, and with more music just around the corner, we can hopefully expect some headline shows as well! Until then though, take a leaf out of Reija's book and love yourself!

Words by Emma Jones