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Live Review: PREMIERE: Pillow Pro feels the Rebel Yell influence in 'Let Go' video

24 July 2018 | 10:00 am | Emma Jones

After the release of her debut album, 'HIRED MUSCLE', Rebel Yell returns with an intimidating and ominous new video featuring Pillow Pro.

Techno star and formidable badass REBEL YELL is having quite the year this year. Having just released her debut album and played a string of stellar shows around the country, she has carved out her own path with her steadfast artistic vision, her ability to create dynamic and hypnotic techno and her knack for melding the two into her fierce REBEL YELL persona. Following on from outstanding videos such as her clip for 'Stains' featuring Gussy or the bad bitch energy of 'Toxic', Rebel Yell has once again today delivered another impactful statement jam-packed with self-assurance, tension and her trademark "Don't fuck with me" attitude.

Teaming up with PILLOW PRO for the song 'Let Go', this is the second of only two songs on Rebel Yell's debut album, Hired Muscle, to feature a guest vocalist. Choosing her collaborators carefully, she taps artists in similar veins of experimental but self-assured music, so it makes complete sense that Pillow Pro would be selected to work on a song for the record. The result is 'Let Go'; just over three minutes of hypnotic chants and melodies, coupled with Rebel Yell's tense, intoxicating techno beats. Further bringing this to life, we're thrilled to bring you the first watch of 'Let Go's accompanying visuals. Directed by TRIANA HERNANDEZ and featuring custom garments by ENDLESS PROWL, this friendly affair has resulted in the seductive yet foreboding visuals we have today.

Pillow Pro's Sophie said of how the track came together, “The heaviness and repetitive nature of the track reminded me straight away of obsessive thinking patterns so my lyrics were derived from experiences with that. I wanted the lyrics to be driving throughout the track along with the beat.” Christobel added that the “vocal melodies came about in response to the intensity created by Sophie’s driving lyric ‘let go’, I wanted to create a feeling of release. My lyrics are essentially about empowerment and taking control.”

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Featuring both members of Pillow Pro as well as Rebel Yell in a red velvet, smoke-filled private club/garage, this clip portrays the influence of Rebel Yell on the once angelic Pillow Pro. Surrounded by people in gimp masks, looking like they're at the end of a long night of partying and being seduced to the darkness by Rebel YellPillow Pro sway and sing to the camera while Rebel Yell herself dons some boxing gloves and takes swipes at the camera. It's menacing and powerful, and maintains a certain intimacy as if you're prying on what's going on behind the red velvet curtains, and Rebel Yell is going to knock you out for doing so. Of course, how can they blame you when the crashing drums and repetitive synths of the track are just so inviting? But maybe that's how they get you after all...

Rebel Yell's HIRED MUSCLE is out now via Rice is Nice.

Image by Rosepure.

Words by Emma Jones