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Live Review: Rebel Yell shows us she’s the ‘High Authority’ in new video

20 April 2017 | 11:28 am | Holly O'Neill

Featuring tactile synths, a pulsing 4/4 beat and matter of fact vocals, this track marks a change of direction for Rebel Yell in 'High Authority'

REBEL YELL, otherwise known as Brisbane gal Grace Stevenson, has been a rebel since her project's inception, releasing heavy hitting instrumental electronic music on the label, Rice is Nice. She has also been a bit of a yeller, sampling her own distorted vocals into a few of her industrial beats. Her new track ‘High Authority’ features her rebelling against her own sound, giving us a darker offering, and also yelling, repeatedly letting us know that she’s “the boss, she's your boss.

Featuring tactile synths, a pulsing 4/4 beat and spoken word, matter of fact vocals, this track marks a change of direction for Stevenson. Moving more into the dance sphere, Rebel Yell makes it her own by bringing her experience with sequencers and synthesis but tweaking her sound and making it far more commanding and sporadic. Synthesised layers build throughout, layering more and more until everything reaches a percussive climax, punctuated by speedy video cuts.

The video for this track, conceptualised and edited by Stevenson alongside Triana Hernandez, shows her solitary but powerful, surrounded by grand environments. In a high fashion outfit, she stomps down a natural runway in the bush, dances by a dam and commands the oceans from the rocks. Her vocal line is accompanied by a shots of her staring us down through our screens, telling us how it is.

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The punchy production and repeated vocals of the song and commanding visuals show she means business. There’s no one in her league, and Rebel Yell IS the boss.

If you want to catch her live make sure you head to the Body Promise showcase as a part of Vivid Sydney later this year - info here.

Image: Sean Campion