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Live Review: RAY BLK teaches a lesson in 'Patience'

8 March 2017 | 9:12 am | Rosie Rae

UK rapper RAY BLK debuts down to earth clip in a hair salon, using her fierce freestyle rap skills to educate newbies about having a little 'Patience'

UK rapper RAY BLK returns with down to earth new film clip for her tune, 'Patience'. Having recently been named winner of the BBC Music Sound of 2017, Ray Blk wants to send a clear message about the rise to fame and sustained success in the rap game. Laying bars and having fancy cars aren't as easy to come by as it seem. In a social media generation where young people thrive on a steady diet of affluence and stories of 'overnight' success, Ray Blk is here to set the record straight. Set in the casual setting of a Peckham hair salon, Ray Blk focuses on harsh realities rather flashy perks of a high profile career.

It's easy to perceive someone like Ray Blk's lifestyle as glamorous, but she wants fans and aspiring stars to know that their day to day is pretty damn normal IRL. "We wanted to do something natural, something everyday that people could relate to - a conversation in the hair salon. I wanted it to feel like I'm talking to whoever is watching so they really hear the message," said Ray Blk when talking about the filming of the clip.

Despite living in a time where social media and 'overnight success' dominate current discourse, true success is far from over night, and if it's genuine, it takes grit and hard work. We're definitely picking up what Ray Blk is putting down, and we're keeping our ears to the ground for more pearls of wisdom...

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Words by ROSIE RAE