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Live Review: Poppy is back with a new film clip for 'Ocean'

26 June 2017 | 3:44 pm | Sonny Thomas

Melbourne emcee POPPY is back with a new film clip for her latest single 'Ocean'.

Melbourne emcee POPPY is back with a new film clip for her latest single, 'Ocean'.

While we know Poppy well for her melodic rap delivery, 'Ocean' is defiant of the genre and moves into the realm of singing; something she evidently has a lot a talent for. Her stripped-back sound and casual delivery is powerful, giving off a raw energy, heavy with emotion. This combined with the intimate video showing Poppy very much in love with a girl is an interesting take on hip-hop, highlighting emotion and intimacy - something not often seen in the local scene or beyond.

With new wave Australian hip-hop still in it's formative stages, and the myriad of influences that continue to emanate from the US, it can be hard for young Australian rappers to find their own sound amongst it all. However, while refusing to be restricted to a defining sound, Poppy seems to have found a place in her music that feels representative of her, and genuinely authentic.

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Carving out her own space in hip-hop hasn't always been easy for Poppy though. Speaking to fellow Melbourne rapper Peezo on his podcast series 'Indoor Outdoor' she addressed the difficulty that can come with being female artist in an industry so heavily dominated by males, as well as the challenges of growing up in rural NSW and finding acceptance of her sexuality in in a Catholic family and traditional boarding school.

Poppy has managed to defy these challenges and shift some of the old preconceptions that exist in rap music. Next month, she's teaming up with Laundry bar in Melbourne to throw her first party, Girls to the Front, an all female rap showcase featuring the likes of SophieGrophy, Netti and SADVIA.

Receiving praise from Triple J heavyweights like Linda Marigliano and Zan Rowe as well as clocking up over 80k streams on Spotify is the kind of attention many young artists can only dream of, and is no doubt the telltale signs of a successful career for Poppy.