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Live Review: Peep Poolroom.'s charming slice of synthpop, 'Figure It Out'

1 May 2018 | 6:40 am | Holly O'Neill

Introspective synthlord and vocalist POOLROOM. navigates the worst day of his life in the music video for his infectious bop 'Figure It Out'

Sydney's POOLROOM. is an introspective synthlord and vocalist, exploring his own sensitivities on top of twinkling funk. With only a few tracks under his belt, he seems to have his unique pop formula down, endearing audiences with his nostalgic instrumentation and straightforward songwriting. In his newest tune 'Figure It Out,' he directs his synthpop ways towards mending relationships with a potential boo and with himself.

Sweet synth stabs and canned percussion lay the groundwork for Poolroom.'s snappy vocals, with his twee pop sensibility on full display as he coos over the funky beat. The song follows those internal battles you face when you're also struggling with external ones, and hopefully rebuilding those inner and outer relationships in the end.

Of course it can't be that easy, and Poolroom. articulates the struggle by throwing the repeated chords into deep reverb or snapping them into clarity, soloing them with the vocals. "It's a journey through confusion; when wires cross and nothing quite seems to gel." says Poolroom. of the track, "The song explores how ridiculous life’s curveballs can often seem."

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The absurd music vid by Sydney collective ULTRACULT jacks this idea to its extreme, seeing Poolroom. become his own worst enemy. Our sweatbanded hero tries to make it out of a rubbish day as he falls in love, tries to play a show at a party and gets coffee AND beans spilt all over his crispy whites. Will he survive (No... but he'll have a pretty sick co-ordinated head bop at his funeral)?!

'Figure It Out' is a feel good ode to fixing things, and a sweet slice of pop from the fresh Sydney muso. With infectious vibes you can't help but bop along to and a charming approach to synth funk, Poolroom. seems to have it all figured out already.

You can download 'Figure It Out' via Poolroom.'s bandcamp right here.

Words by Holly O'Neill