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Live Review: Petit Biscuit's 'Wake Up' video will drench you in summery nostalgia

28 June 2018 | 10:22 am | Jackson Langford

Thee way Petit Biscuit is repackaging summery nostalgia in the video for 'Wake Up' will have you praying the cold never comes again. 

If there's two things you can bank on to make people really resonate with your track, it's summer and it's nostalgia. While both concepts have really been done to death, there are ways around them that feel fresh, new and unique while still maintaining that sepia-tone euphoria that everyone loves so much. Wunderkind PETIT BISCUIT has done just that in both the track and video for 'Wake Up', with the help of BIPOLAR SUNSHINE and CAUTIOUS CLAY, and we're positively craving those warmer months back.

Of course, both summer and nostalgia are basic tropes for modern day electronic music. But, never one to do things by the books as some of the genre's veterans insist on doing, Petit Biscuit actually shows some refreshing restraint when crafting the banger that is 'Wake Up.' The synths are pounding and the bass is thumping, but he knows just when to pull back to let Cautious Clay's silky smooth vocals shine. The video doubles down on this, showcasing the most special moments of one's summer that others might view as the most mundane. With lens flares and palm trees galore, it's a carefree video that doesn't need to be looked into too deeply to feel the connection between it and your own life.

Yes, summery nostalgia is a tried trope of EDM, but the way Petit Biscuit is repackaging his interpretation of it in the video for 'Wake Up' will have you praying the cold never comes again. The song both booms and whispers, as his production has allowed every little, insignificant memory you have connected with summer to take centre stage while giving you the perfect soundtrack.

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Image: Jonathan Bertin